Simon Barnum

Simon Barnum, a London-based choreographer with over two decades of experience, is a prime example of progressive career evolution in the performing arts. Beginning his journey as a dancer, Simon steadily ascended through various professional roles—from dance captain to assistant choreographer, and eventually to choreographer, creative director, and associate director. He has left his artistic imprint on a range of high-profile shows that are currently dazzling audiences worldwide.

By the age of 16, Simon had already been part of four West End musicals. Self-taught by 19, his first professional gig was as a backing dancer for Atomic Kitten. This opportunity served as a springboard for Simon, launching him into collaborations with notable artists like the Sugababes, Pussycat Dolls, and Girls Aloud. With the latter, he nurtured a six-year professional relationship, eventually taking on the roles of dance captain and assistant choreographer for their esteemed 'Out of Control' UK arena tour.

Simon’s influence extends well beyond the British Isles. He took on the role of creative director for Georgia's X Factor and its localized version of 'Georgia's Got Talent.' Currently, he holds the position of senior choreographer with Underwraps Event Choreography, contributing to shows that have been a staple at Dubai’s Global Village for over a decade. From Mediterranean cruise liners to international television programs, Simon Barnum's choreographic mastery has a global footprint, demonstrating the versatile scope of his talents in dance and storytelling.

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