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Global Village – You can’t stop the beat 

You Can’t Stop The Beat’ – from ‘After Dark

Client Name
Global Village, UAE / Underwraps Event Choreography
Live Theatre

Unleashing Magic on Stage: 'You Can’t Stop The Beat'

When the exceptional worlds of Global Village, Underwraps Event Choreography, and Barnum Creative collide, the outcome is nothing short of theatrical alchemy. "You Can't Stop The Beat," part of the sensational 'After Dark' series, is a 25-minute live theatre performance that transports audiences into the whimsical realm of a toy shop. With the magical backdrop of the United Arab Emirates' Global Village as our canvas, this production offers an intoxicating blend of adventure, mischievousness, comedy, and romance. Choreographed by none other than Simon Barnum Creative, this collaboration fuses storytelling and dance into a spectacular showcase that leaves audiences in awe.

Crafting a narrative within the confines of a toy shop setting presented both a challenge and a unique opportunity. As the toys gradually awaken and come to life, their idiosyncratic personalities unfold in an enthralling parade of choreographed moments. The aura of adventure is palpable as each character embarks on their own journey, while unexpected twists and turns bring elements of comedy and romance into the fray. Partnering with Underwraps Event Choreography, who helmed the project as writer and producer, the synergy between our creative visions transformed the stage into a fantastical world where the impossible becomes real.