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Rustavi 2 (Georgia)

Directing the Spotlight: A Transformative Journey with X-Factor and Rustavi 2

Stepping into the role of Creative Director and Choreographer for Rustavi 2's adaptation of X-Factor and Georgia’s Got Talent wasn't just a gig; it was a monumental experience that still ranks as one of my most cherished projects to date. Over the span of two transformative years, I was entrusted with the immense responsibility of steering the creative ship. My role wasn't merely confined to dance or movement; it encompassed an intricate web of production elements including visuals, costumes, and even one-on-one artist development. Each component was a puzzle piece, meticulously fitted to create a unified masterpiece that encapsulated the essence of both shows.

The exhilarating challenge lay in the sheer scope of the endeavour. As the Creative Director, my mandate extended far beyond choreography. I was entrusted with orchestrating a multi-layered spectacle that had to captivate audiences while allowing each performer to shine. Working hand-in-hand with Rustavi 2, a leading broadcaster in Georgia, I crafted compelling narratives for various tracks and acts. But the magic wasn't solely in the big picture; it was also in the nuances—fine-tuning visuals to capture the perfect mood, designing costumes that enhanced each performer's unique persona, and guiding artist development to unlock untapped potential.

The apex of this journey came through the extensive one-on-one artist development, where raw talents were shaped into refined performers. It was not merely about teaching steps or cues; it was about empowering each artist to discover and embrace their unique artistic identity. Each session was a deep dive into the artistry and emotional resonance that lie at the heart of great performances. In the end, this comprehensive approach resulted in a product that was far greater than the sum of its parts. Working on X-Factor and Georgia's Got Talent for Rustavi 2 has not only been a career highlight but also an enriching artistic journey that continues to inspire my work at every turn.