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Laine Theatre Arts

Shaping Future Stars at Laine Theatre Arts

As a choreographer whose mission is to inspire and elevate, there's no greater honour than contributing to the legacy of Laine Theatre Arts — one of the UK’s most prestigious and long-standing performing arts colleges. With an illustrious alumni list boasting names like Ruthie Henshall, Victoria Beckham, and Kerry Ellis, the institution stands as a beacon of excellence in the performing arts. It is therefore a tremendous privilege for me to join the Laine Theatre Arts faculty as a guest teacher, focusing on instructing students in the captivating realm of commercial dance styles.

Being a guest teacher at Laine Theatre Arts isn’t just an opportunity to teach; it’s an exchange of passion, skill, and artistic vision. My role involves curating an educational experience that seamlessly blends technique with the excitement and flair characteristic of commercial dance. Each session is an immersive journey where students not only learn the steps but also absorb the essence of performance quality that sets commercial dance apart. Through these classes, I aim to broaden their understanding of what dance can be — a confluence of discipline, self-expression, and boundless creativity.