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‘Fail Me’ – Artistes: Thousand Thoughts.

Client Name
Directed & Produced by
No Class Productions
Movement Direction
Simon Barnum Creative

Breaking Boundaries: The Dance of Entrapment and Freedom

In a groundbreaking venture, Barnum Creative partnered with No Class Production company to bring to life a transformative dance narrative that navigated the complex themes of entrapment and escapism. The collaborative experience was nothing short of extraordinary as we managed to crystallize a brief with thanks to Thousand Thoughts - the artistes of this track that took viewers on a soul-stirring journey. By harnessing the art of movement, we endeavoured to capture the duality of human experience — the desire to break free and the weight that holds us back.

The brilliance of this collaboration was amplified by the extraordinary talents of dancer Simone O’Toole. After a meticulous selection process, we brought Simone onboard, recognizing that her unique artistry could add unparalleled depth to our thematic exploration. This wasn't merely a performance; it was a symbiosis between the dancer and the choreography. Simone's gift for intuitive expression blended seamlessly with the technical direction from Barnum Creative, amplifying the impact of every beat, every nuance, and every glance.

Together, Simone and I sought to create more than just a dance routine; we aimed for a masterpiece. To that end, I offered Simone a broad canvas of choreography, but also the freedom to imbue it with her own interpretations. The result was nothing short of a visual and emotional tour de force. This synergistic process allowed for a truly exceptional piece that defied conventional norms and left audiences spellbound, elevating both Barnum Creative and No Class Production to new artistic heights.