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Disney Channel – ‘Shake It Up – Dance Dance’

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Disney Channel

Stepping Into Stardom: My Beginnings with Disney Channel's 'Shake It Up - Dance Dance'

One of my first milestones as a choreographer was a transformative collaboration with the iconic Disney Channel for their innovative project, 'Shake It Up - Dance Dance'. The network sought to feature "real/everyday" dancers who could authentically represent the spirit of dance as a universal language. I was thrilled to be chosen as the choreographic force behind this initiative. But what really invigorated the experience was our partnership with Akai Osei, the immensely talented winner of 'Got To Dance.'

Our collaboration extended over an enriching period of two years, during which the project evolved into a multifaceted spectacle. We weren't just creating dance routines; we were building a brand that captured the essence of youthful energy and limitless potential. This journey took us to a multitude of platforms, from morning television features on Good Morning Television to compelling idents, evocative TV commercials, and electrifying live performances at events like SkyFest.

This early career collaboration with Disney Channel still serves as a cornerstone, reminding me of the incredible potential that lies at the intersection of talent and opportunity!